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Professional trader program

Meet our professional trader program

As you become a more experienced and proficient trader, you may apply to reclassify your account as a Professional Account, so that your freedom of operation is in line with your experience, knowledge, and abilities.
Reclassifying your account is a simple procedure, in which you must demonstrate:

  • That your financial portfolio is larger than 500,000 EUR.
  • That you have placed a minimum of 10 relevant trades of significant size in the past four quarters.
  • That you have a minimum of one year’s work experience in the financial sector.
  • It is important to note that the lighter regulatory restrictions require clients to sign a waiver, forfeiting regulatory protections awarded to retail traders.

Additional information can be found in our client categorization policy.

How to qualify

Portfolio Size
As part of your reclassification process, you will need to prove that the size of your portfolio is valued at 500,000 EUR or more. If your portfolio is diverse and spreads among several brokerages, you will be asked to provide supporting documentation on your portfolio size.

Trade Volume and Size
The threshold for achieving professional status is having carried out 10 trades of a relevant product in significant volumes, per quarter over the past year. Trades completed with other brokers are valid and count towards professional status if appropriate documentation is provided.

Work Experience
In becoming a Professional Trader, you will be asked to provide evidence for your previous roles in the financial sector. You will need a minimum of one-year experience in a professional position, that has granted you adequate knowledge and understanding of the relevant products.

To Open a Professional Trading Account


Knowledge & Experience: We assume you have the requisite knowledge and necessary
experience in order to understand the risks held and are not obliged to determine the
appropriateness of our products for you.

CFD’s Leverage: Professional Clients are allowed more leverage than retail clients. But what
Professional Clients need to have in mind is that with greater leverage comes greater risk.

Disclosures: As a broker, we are not obliged to inform professional clients about the risks
involved when trading. We may also speak in more advanced language, taking into account
your assumed knowledge/experience. Don’t worry, risk warnings are found throughout our
website regardless of status, and we will always act honestly and fairly towards all our

Investor Compensation Fund: As opposed to our retail clients, compensation under the ICF
for clients of Cypriot Investment Firms will not be available to you.

Other protections, such as Best Execution, Trade Confirmations, and availability of Key Information
Documents, which we view as essential to provide you with the optimal trading experience, will
remain unchanged. For further details, contact [email protected].